Facing the Demon Headmaster
Demon Headmaster, Book 6
Facing the Demon Headmaster
Released 2002
Format Paperback - 208 Pages
ISBN ISBN 0-19-275369-X
Previous The Demon Headmaster Takes Over
Next Beware of the Demon Headmaster / Total Control

Facing the Demon Headmaster is the sixth book in The Demon Headmaster Books series. Will the Demon Headmaster finally get his own way?

Plot Edit

The new club Purple is the place to go -if you can get in- and Ellie persuades Dinah and her friends to come along too. The man everyone wants to see is DJ Pardoman whose face keeps changing from Elvis to Madonna to Brad Pitt.

His electronic mask is mesmerizing but no one knows who he really is. When the children visit his website they see there is an online competition - the person who finds out about him will be allowed to lift off the mask. Dinah thinks it's all weird but she's also curious. In her search she stumbles across something amazing - her real father might be alive after years of thinking he was dead. Dinah must find out more.

But she only realizes the truth of these strange coincidences too late. This time the Demon Headmaster is intent on ensuring that Dinah will not interfere with his plans and stop him again.

Plot points and charactersEdit

Gallery Edit

Several editions of this book have been released through out the years, each one having a different cover design. This was done for different reasons such as the whole book series featuring characters from the Television series.