The Demon Headmaster Takes Over TV
Original Run 25 December 1997
Num of episodes 1
Series: 1, 2, 3,

The Demon Headmaster Takes Over TV was the name given to the 1997 CBBC pantomime featuring The Headmaster from The Demon Headmaster Television series.

Whilst the first, second and third series have been repeated several times on TV, this special was only shown once and has never been repeated.Whether or not The Demon Headmaster Takes Over TV should be considered as part of the continuity of the TV series is perhaps best left to personal preference.

History Edit

On 25 December 1997, CBBC showed The Demon Headmaster Takes Over TV, a recorded version of the CBBC Pantomime performed at the CBBC Big Bash in National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham that year.

The Demon Headmaster takes over television, subjecting the population to 24-hour news coverage. In order to defeat him, the CBBC presenters must play various CBBC game shows to reach 100% on the entertainment scale.

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