Masterplan phase2

Master Plan Phase 2

The Master Plan is The Headmaster's plan in The Demon Headmaster (Book) and The Demon Headmaster TV Series (Series 1). The Headmaster hid this Master Plan behind a timetable in his office. The only people he showed was The School Prefects and his Staff. The first part was Dinah Hunter, Lucy Green and Rose Carter competing against Manapark School in The Eddy Hair Show. When they won, The Headmaster would hypnotise the whole country into him being their leader. The School Prefects would be second-in-command and allocated a number of children and were given a work force ie Simon (Prefect) would be in charge of Transport and Sarah would have been in charge of Work Camps.

  • Rose = 100 Children
  • Jeff = 100 Children
  • Sarah = 50 Children
  • Simon = 20 Children
  • Sue = 70 Children
  • Peter = 10 Children

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